Friday, 20 July 2012

Three Pakistanis suspected of killing real estate agent and advertising firm owner

PETALING JAYA: The three Pakistanis involved in the murder of real estate agent Tang Yong Ching (left pic) are said to be responsible for the death of another businessman an advertising firm owner.

Police are now investigating if they are also responsible for other murders.

The suspects are said to have murdered 31-year-old Cheng Kok Seng (right pic), who was reported missing on June 20.

He was found dead, clad only in his underwear just like Tang on June 26, also at Ara Damansara.

CID Director Comm Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin confirmed that two of the suspects were in custody and were involved in at least two murders.

Sources said one of the suspects worked as a security guard and had been living in the country for a year while another was studying at a local college and had only been here for about a month.

“Checks on the student showed that he had entered the country on June 13,” said the source.

Sources said the group conducted its criminal activities at a shophouse in Ara Damansara.

Both murders were committed with the same modus operandi: the victims were abducted, tied up and assaulted before being forced to give up their ATM card PIN.

Once their bank accounts were emptied, the victims were killed.

Sources said the suspects picked their victim based on appearance of wealth.

“They targeted the men because they assumed that they would have a lot of money in their bank accounts,” said the source.

Both victims were also killed because they recognised the suspects.

It is learnt that the third suspect, who is still at large, was an employee at the advertising firm owned by Cheng.

Tang had facilitated the rental agreement for the shophouse unit where the murders occurred.

One of Tang's colleagues, who refused to be named, said police brought the two suspects to the shophouse on Wednesday to help in investigations.

He added that Tang's murder had caused him and his colleagues to be extra cautious.

“We no longer meet clients after 5pm and also do not entertain suspicious-looking foreigners,” he said.



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