Tuesday, 27 November 2012

‘AES does not affect traffic laws’

The implementation of the Automated Enforcement System (AES) does not affect existing traffic laws or regulations.

Road Transport Department deputy director Ahmad Nasir Abdul Gani said the public seemed to be confused about the AES.

“For instance, a summons for beating the red light is still RM300 prior to the AES. The difference now is that there is a 24-hour monitoring system via the AES cameras,” he said here yesterday.

Motorists who were issued speeding tickets could still appeal, provided there was concrete proof, he added.

Commenting on a report stating that there was more than 60,000 traffic offences recorded by the AES since September, Ahmad Nasir said they would be verified first before summonses were issued.

Ahmad Nasir emphasised that the AES was needed in order to reduce the high rate of accidents and fatalities in Malaysia, with 19 deaths recorded daily.

“Hopefully the AES can educate Malaysian drivers to be more cautious as there are 22 million vehicles registered in the country, with an annual increase of 10%,” he said.
Source : TheStar


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