Monday, 26 November 2012

Sabotage attempts must be detected early, says Ahmad Zahid

THE issue of party turncoats and sabotage will take centre stage at the coming Umno general assembly along with preparations for the general election.

A strong signal will be sent out to the delegates that traitors and saboteurs have no place within the party.

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the party learnt a harsh lesson in 2008 and will not compromise on the issue.

“We have to start early in detecting attempts to sabotage especially since the elections is coming. We need to act against them now and not wait until the elections is over.

“Even if we have to cut fingers, legs or hands (sack members), at least the body (Umno) will remain intact,” he said in an interview recently.

It is an open secret that in 2008, many Umno members turned against Barisan Nasional over dissatisfaction on the choice of candidates.

“Barisan clearly lost Perak and Kedah in the last elections because of sabotage and we nearly lost Negri Sembilan. We need to make sure this does not happen again,” said Ahmad Zahid.

The problem, he said, cannot be totally eradicated, but believes that it will not be as rampant or on such a large scale as four years ago due to the efforts taken by the party to address the root causes.

This time around, he said, the criteria for selecting candidates have been made very clear and transparent only winnable candidates will be fielded.

Ahmad Zahid said the party is also looking at calls for election candidates to be announced early, as this could give ample time for saboteurs to plan their moves.

Former Umno Youth secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan also believes that sabotage by party members is a major problem that must be wholly addressed.

“But sabotage does not only happen in Umno and Barisan.

“The difference is that we have the guts to say and act on it. Do you honestly believe members of the opposition parties will not sabotage if frogs' (politicians from Barisan who jumped to the Pakatan Rakyat ship) become candidates?” he asked.

Rahman urged Umno members not to sulk and sabotage if they are not picked as candidates, and has pledged that he will not do so if he is not chosen to defend his Kota Belud parliamentary seat.

“I promise to work hard, as if I am the candidate,” he pledged openly.

Seeing as this is the last general assembly before the next general election, it is imperative for the Umno leadership to use the platform to impress on members the meaning of loyalty and the consequences of betrayal.
Source : TheStar


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