Friday, 16 November 2012

Woman flushes baby down hotel toilet

A WOMAN who was about to give birth rushed to a hotel toilet and purportedly flushed her newborn baby down before calmly walking away.

Harian Metro reported that her image was captured on CCTV when she entered the hotel at Jalan Macalister in George Town.

In the CCTV footage, the woman, in her 20s, could be seen heading towards the toilet at 7pm but the incident was only discovered by a cleaner a few hours later.

According to a source, the cleaner saw drops of blood in the toilet bowl and floor and informed the hotel management.

“The management reported the incident to police and a team rushed to the scene.

“Police have not ruled out the possibility that that the suspect flushed the body of her baby to dispose of any evidence,” said the source.

According to the source, the toilet on the first floor was barely used and the woman had gone to several other toilets as blood was found there as well.

The baby's body has not been found.

> He's only 11 but this boy skilfully picks car locks using a paper clip before stealing valuables kept inside, reported Harian Metro.

He was caught by a security guard, who handed him over to the authorities at 3pm on Wednesday.

According to a source, the guard was suspicious after seeing the boy loitering at an apartment in Jinjang and brought him to the security post to question him.

“While he was interviewing the boy, a man in his 20s reported that an electric cable which he left in his van was missing,” he said.

The boy then confessed that he stole the cable and hid it in some bushes at the back of the apartment.

The boy was brought to the Jinjang police station, where the man he stole from lodged a report on the incident.

Kuala Lumpur Deputy CID chief ACP Khairi Ahrasa said police had given the boy a stern warning.



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