Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NGOs back motion to end Gaza atrocities

The tabling of a motion condemning Israel's atrocities in Gaza has received the thumbs up from non-governmental organisations.

Country Director for Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) Zairul Shahfuddin Zainal Abidin said the motion was an appropriate action taken by the government to express its concern about the plight of the innocent civilians in Palestine.

"The voices of free countries like Malaysia need to be heard to let the Israelis know that the world is watching and people are aware of the outrageous crime they are committing."

Zairul Shahfuddin said that besides the tabling of the motion, Malaysia would also be lobbying the United Nations to hasten relief efforts in Gaza.

"I am glad that we are doing our part to help the Palestinians."

He said IRM was also making efforts to assist the Palestinians in terms of medical support, adding that IRM was targeting to raise RM5 million which would be distributed to nearly 30 hospitals in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Aqsa Syarif chairman Dr Hafidzi M Nor said the tabling of the motion was laudable.

"As a democratic country, we need to show our concern to ensure that the United Nation stands up to help the Palestinians."
Source : NewStraitsTimes


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