Saturday, 3 November 2012

Give AES a chance

PUTRAJAYA: Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, who is facing a barrage of criticisms over the Automated Enforcement System (AES), says its detractors should give the system a chance to work.

Defending the system, which is currently installed in 14 locations in Perak and Klang Valley, he said the Government had studied the issue since 2003 following high accident and road-related deaths in the country.

It felt the AES is one of the best ways to make people more responsible on the road, he said here yesterday.

“When the AES was first implemented in other countries, there was also backlash but people later accepted it when it helped to reduce accidents and deaths on the road.

“Since the AES was implemented on Sept 23, motorists have become more careful, with traffic violations reduced by as much as 60% in the first two weeks of going live.

“It has created an awareness and, hopefully, this will contribute towards the country being a law-abiding society,” he said.

Dismissing criticism of the system, Kong, who is Lumut MP, said the AES had strong support from the people.

“As an MP, I've seen many accident victims. Many are wheelchair-bound or bedridden.

“Their families are angry.

“Why are people not thinking of this when they voice their objection towards the system?” he asked.

Taking to task the Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states of Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan over their objections to the AES, he questioned: “Is it fair to jeopardise the safety of road users by playing politics?”

When asked whether the AES can be abused to get errant VIP drivers off the hook, he quipped: “I doubt the cameras are intelligent enough to do that.”

In PORT KLANG, Kong said the Government did not do anything unusual in outsourcing the AES to private companies.

“It is common practice. Many countries do this. The purpose is to enforce and maximise the use of manpower and expertise in the field.

“Hence, what the Government did is not unusual,” he told reporters at a World Maritime Day event at the marine department.

“It is all about road safety and should not be politicised,” he said, adding that it was unfair to go against something that is good for the country.

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